Hand-crafted from naturally-expired butterfly wings


Pendants and Chokers

Our pendants are specially designed and handcrafted to display the stunning natural beauty of the enclosed butterfly wing. The elegant oval shape reflects the natural shape of a wing. A crystal-clear glass cabochon protects the wing, magnifies its details and reflects the gorgeous colours. The Sterling Silver tray has an understated fine hand-polished rim, providing strength and security without drawing attention away from the main attraction. Finally, a simple but strong and effective Sterling Silver snap-on bail provides the perfect fitting for attaching the pendant to a choker or chain.

With wing fragments from more than 100 species to choose from, you are sure to find just the right colour or pattern to achieve the look you want. Browse through the examples here or tell us what you would like and we’ll be pleased to send you images of wings that might suit.

We offer oval pendants in three sizes: large (40mm x 30mm); medium (30mm x 22mm) and small (25mm x 18mm). Not all butterflies are available in each size – some are simply too small to provide fragments that can be used for larger pendants. However, sometimes we can use several fragments to make up a larger piece, so just ask and we shall be pleased to help if we can. Similarly, we may be able to provide pendants of different shapes and sizes to order – again, just send us a request.

We offer the option of purchasing a stylish Sterling Silver choker with the large and medium sized pendants, as we believe this makes a stunning ensemble. You are, of course, free to order a choker with the small pendant but we would suggest that this size is better suited to a fine chain.

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Our stylish Sterling Silver earrings are finished with crystal-clear glass cabochons that magnify the beautiful detail of the butterfly wing fragments. We can offer 10mm or 12mm round pieces in the stud or dangle designs shown below. Each pair is made to order.

With wing fragments from more than 100 species to choose from, you are sure to find just the right colour or pattern to achieve the look you want. We suggest you browse through the pendant and cufflink examples to get inspiration or just tell us what you would like and we’ll be pleased to send you images of wings that might suit. Of course, if you order a pendant and would like to make it a set with earrings, we will specially select wing fragments to give the best match available.

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The finest shirts need cufflinks and our stunning butterfly wing pieces offer a unique combination of style and natural beauty. There are options for every taste and occasion, from the breathtaking iridescent blue Morpho and fascinating patterns of the Figure-of-Eighty and Map butterflies for stylish office wear to the colorful red, yellow and black patterns of Delias for a bolder statement. Why not start a collection?

We offer two ranges of cufflinks: Sterling Silver and silver-plated copper (which is lead- and zinc-free). Both display the butterfly wing fragments under crystal-clear glass cabochons and many of the styles are available in both ranges. The very attractive silver-plated versions make a practical and economical alternative to Sterling Silver but where we have only a very limited supply of wing fragments that might be suitable for cufflinks – such as the spectacular Rhetenor Blue Morpho – these very special pieces are offered only in Sterling Silver. In addition to the ‘925’ mark, all our Sterling Silver pieces are stamped with our new Trade Mark butterfly logo, so you can be sure of a very limited edition item that is unavailable elsewhere.

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Bijoux Butterflies and real butterfly wings

Bijoux Butterflies jewellery is hand-crafted using real wing fragments from butterflies that have lived out their natural lifespan in Butterfly Houses.

Butterflies that have naturally expired almost always show the wear and tear that comes from flying freely among flowers and vegetation and interacting with other butterflies. Their wings get chipped, torn and frayed. Even though their colours may still be bright, such damaged specimens normally would be discarded because collectors, artists and interior decorators demand perfection.

We at Bijoux Butterflies believe that this is a waste of beautiful natural objects. There is a special beauty in the broken wings of butterflies that have naturally expired. By carefully selecting, shaping and preserving these wing fragments, we hand-craft unique jewellery so that the beauty of butterflies is immortalised for you to treasure. Enjoy their natural beauty, safe in the knowledge that no butterflies were harmed to make a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Why not use whole wings or specimens?

Perfect specimens in display cases and jewellery made from whole wings are widely available. Sadly, perfect wings come at a price – the butterflies have to be hatched from their chrysalids but then killed as soon as their wings have dried, before they have a chance to fly around and get damaged. We would rather use the less-than-perfect wings of naturally expired butterflies than have them killed just to make jewellery.

What about vintage specimens?

We do sometimes rescue wing fragments from vintage trays, pictures and other decorative pieces. Most of these originated in Brazil at least 50 years ago, where there was an industry based on catching and killing hundreds of thousands of butterflies each year to make items for the tourist trade and export markets. Now many of these pieces are suffering irreversible damage as mites and museum beetle have started the process of reducing the wings to dust. Where we have “upcycled” wing fragments from such damaged vintage articles, we clearly state this in the description. An interesting example is the ‘bronze’ iridescence imparted to damaged¬†Morpho wings, which we suggest is akin to the patina that develops on antique furniture.

Customers have commissioned us to make pieces from specimens that they have supplied. Either they have found a dead butterfly or they have an unwanted vintage wall display or an inherited collection that they would like to put to better use. We are happy to make keepsakes from such specimens but only on commission.

Can I order a particular colour or pattern?

We have wing fragments from more than a hundred different species, so we can offer a wide range of colours and patterns. Just tell us what you would like and we shall be pleased to send you images of wings that might be suitable, for you to make your choice.

Once we have received your order, we will do our best to finish your unique item within two weeks.

How should I care for my jewellery?

To keep your real butterfly wing jewellery in perfect condition, just polish with a soft dry cloth. If necessary, the silver may be cleaned and polished using a silver cloth.

Please do not immerse your jewellery in water or wear whilst showering, swimming, etc. as this may cause discoloration of the wing. Also, avoid leaving your jewellery on a sunny windowsill or car dashboard – the cabochon acts like a magnifying glass and these situations may expose the wing to excessive heat and cause fading.

Where can I see your jewellery?

We occasionally exhibit at craft and gift fairs across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Details of forthcoming events will be posted in the Forum and on our social media pages.

We also welcome visitors by appointment. Please use the Contact Form if you would like to arrange to visit.


Bijoux Butterflies is located in Cranborne, Dorset, at the heart of the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


If you wish to commission some jewellery, we will be pleased to help you select suitable butterfly wing fragments from our extensive range. Please use the contact form to make an appointment and receive directions.


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